Musculoskeletal (Orthopedic) Imaging

Male radiologists looking at the MRI image of the kneeRadiology Associates of Hollywood musculoskeletal imaging division performs a full range of diagnostic examinations using a variety of modalities, including traditional radiography, fluoroscopy, CT, and MRI. Our particular areas of expertise include pediatric orthopedic imaging, sports-related injuries, arthritic conditions, infectious processes, tumors of the bones and muscles, peripheral nerve imaging, and spine disease.

We work closely with both pediatric and adult specialists in many disciplines, including orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, oncologists, neurosurgeons and emergency medicine physicians, in order to provide a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of patients.

We protocol and interpret exams performed on state-of-the-art equipment, including 3.0 and 1.5 Tesla high-field MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machines, multi-slice CT (computed tomography) machines, and digital fluoroscopy units. Our section also performs several more invasive specialty procedures, including arthrography, joint aspirations, and therapeutic joint injections


In the field of Orthopedic Imaging some of our more popular procedures are: