Nuclear/PET Imaging

PET Scan image of whole body Comparison Axial , Coronal and Sagittal plane. medical technology concept.Nuclear medicine generally studies the physiologic, functional and metabolic activity within the patient. Utilizing special radiopharmaceuticals, this subspecialty images the patient in a completely different manner than virtually all other radiology subspecialties. Whereas other modalities study the anatomy, or structure, of a patient, nuclear medicine provides valuable additional functional information, vital in the assessment of disease. In addition to diagnosis of disease, nuclear pharmaceuticals can be used in many oncologic applications as well. Nuclear medicine, or metabolic imaging, is considered one of the most cutting edge of subspecialties, and new agents are constantly being discovered and researched, further advancing patient care. The fusion of the functional aspects of nuclear medicine with the anatomic characterization provided by other modalities provides some of the most powerful imaging techniques employed in modern medicine today. Our radiologists interpret all PET Imaging studies performed at the PET Imaging Institute of South Florida.


In the field of PET/Nuclear Imaging some of our more popular procedures are: