Ultrasound Imaging

Doctor is screening pregnant woman in the hospitalDiagnostic Ultrasound uses high frequency (above levels that can be heard) to image internal organs and fetuses. When used for diagnostic purposes there have not been reports of dangers to fetuses or the patient undergoing the test.


In the field of Ultrasound Imaging some of our more popular procedures are:

  • Cardiac imaging of the heart for wall motion, valve function and for fluid around the heart. This is helpful in evaluating patients with coronary heart disease, calcified or malfunctioning valves or sites for emboli in patients with strokes.
  • Obstetrical imaging helps evaluate the size and weight of the fetus, helps evaluate for underlying congenital abnormalities, and generalized fetal wellbeing.
  • Gynecological imaging includes evaluation of the ovaries and uterus for masses.
  • General organ imaging includes evaluating internal organs.  It is helpful to evaluate for gall stones, liver masses, aorta for aneurysms, kidneys for masses or obstruction and for any abdominal masses.
  • Vascular imaging includes looking at the aorta for aneurysms, carotid arteries for narrowing or plaque formation and leg veins for clot or valve insufficiencies (Source: RadiologyInfo.org).